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Becoming an Effective Leader in Healthcare Management

ISBN: 9781938870743
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Administrators and managers in healthcare can improve their own expertise and performance by learning and mastering the 12 critical interpersonal, financial, and organizational management skills in this highly practical guide. This easy-to-read book applies basic business leadership principles specifically to the field of healthcare administration. Based on solid research findings as well as the author's experience as a healthcare executive, consultant, and instructor, this approach teaches you to increase productivity and employee performance, preparing you to meet the inevitable challenges of the healthcare system of tomorrow. With new insights on staff empowerment and engagement concepts, this second edition also provides: Self-assessment tools, individual and small-group experiential exercises, and review questions Case studies and examples from hospitals, clinics, nursing facilities, and other medical care facilities Financial management tools Details on effective orientation processes Ways to address problematic behaviours occurring in healthcare settings, and the coaching role of healthcare leaders Healthcare supervisors can improve their own leadership skills or mould exceptional leaders and managers among their staff by using this guide in workshops and continuing education seminars. It is also a valuable text for healthcare management courses and workshops. The 12 Essential Skills: Motivation Time and stress management Communication Teamwork Delegation Conflict management Counselling and interviewing Strategic thinking Budgeting Personnel management Resource management Staff coaching