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After a Stroke

After a Stroke

ISBN: 9781936303960
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An essential resource for all stroke survivors and their families and caregivers. Updated and expanded new edition of the popular resource written by a stroke survivor who has spent 24 years helping other survivors live life to the fullest potential. , After a Stroke: 500 Tips for Living Well is filled with practical tips and support to help you cope with the lifestyle changes that come in the wake of a stroke. This book will show you how to: * Get the medical care you need * Become familiar with robotics and other modern tools to help prevent spasticity and make daily life easier * Navigate personal relationships as one partner becomes a survivor and another a caregiver * Incorporate alternative and integrative therapies into your recovery * Connect with organizations and outreach centers for stroke patients * Get the most out of home care * Cut through rhetoric with frank, candid, and truthful answers to "Frequently Asked Questions"The second edition includes five totally new chapters, and covers the latest in stroke prevention, medical treatment, and rehabilitation to help survivors transition from being a patient to returning to a life well-lived.

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