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Pediatric Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disorders

Pediatric Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disorders

ISBN: 9781933864730
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The new third edition of Pediatric Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disorders provides a modern clinical approach to managing stroke and other cerebrovascular problems in infants, children, and adolescents. Incorporating data from important clinical trials and case series, recommendations from the American Heart Association evidence-based paper on the management of pediatric stroke, and the latest information on new diagnostic techniques, the book offers a comprehensive analysis of the current thinking and practice by three physicians who have vast clinical experience in this challenging field. Covering occurrence, etiology, diagnosis, and treatment, this integrated state-of-the-art text is essential reading for anyone involved in the care of children with suspected stroke or other cerebrovascular abnormalities. The third edition of this classic work has been completely updated and rewritten to reflect current science and practice. An extensive, entirely new chapter on treatment provides specific guidance on when to use antiplatelet agents, anticoagulants, and thrombolytic agents in children and also includes a section on neurorehabilitation after stroke. An expanded and thoroughly updated diagnostic approach chapter covers the latest applications in stroke imaging such as computed tomography angiography, diffusion weighted MRI, and perfusion CT. The first chapter stresses the etiology and pathophysiology of childhood stroke as the basis for evaluations and treatment.

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