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Diabetes Manifesto

Diabetes Manifesto

Take Charge of Your Life

ISBN: 9781932603941
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The Diabetes Manifesto gives people with Diabetes a book that will help them feel in control of their lives, regardless of their changing symptoms or disease status. As Diabetes is incurable, it is crucial that people learn to live with it, productively and to determine the role Diabetes will play in their lives, rather than endure a lifetime of stress and regret because of this disease. The Diabetes Manifesto will help them achieve this. Diabetes can steal one's dignity in many ways and those living with it can be scared, frustrated, confused or desperate. This book is about taking steps to preserve the important parts of one's self in the face of an all-encompassing disease, and to hold on to one's dignity. The Diabetes Manifesto will take the reader through different aspects of life with Diabetes in search of ways to make small changes, garner one's energy for the positive, and lift the spirits. This includes optimising medical care and managing symptoms, but also extends to relationships, emotions, activism and much more. The book is clear that the mission of all should be tackling and treating Diabetes effectively. Your personal Diabetes Manifesto is your commitment to exploring and developing the possibilities of your life. This book is your guide.


By: Lynn Crowe,Julie Stachowiak

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Pages: 288

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