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Being Brave

Being Brave

ISBN: 9781925921175
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What do you do when the voice in your head tells you you’re wrong? You say something silly and the other kids laugh at you? You want to speak up but don’t have enough courage. Ellie and Alyssa have been best friends since pre-school. One chatty, one shy, one adventurous, one considered, one Australian, one with Chinese heritage, both supportive and giving. It’s easy together. Then they change schools. They have to rely on themselves. It’s hard. Ellie’s lost her heart. There’s her little sister and her busy working parents to deal with on her own. She feels unsure about herself. Alyssa is going from lesson to lesson, doing what she’s told, afraid to step out. One day, Ellie’s had enough. She wanders off during a museum visit and discovers a mythical golden Ayrebird exhibit. The myth says if you see an Ayrebird, it brings you luck! Perhaps if the girls can find the bird, they can find Ellie’s heart. Ellie and Alyssa devise a plan. With their backpacks filled with meaningful objects, they set out on a camping trip in search of the Ayrebird. They encounter obstacles, setbacks and frightening creatures amid the beauty of the Australian bushland, and find their courage as well.

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