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Love, Love, Love:

ISBN: 9781912992027
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How can we become aware of pure unconditional love?
With simple yet shattering words, Stephen Turoff seeks to awaken us to knowledge that already resides deep in our hearts: that God is love and love is God. Love is the power that created the universe and permeates all Creation. When we realize this, we are led to a recognition of our true nature as human beings.
Stephen's astonishing message – presented here as transcripts from a  series of six seminars – can rouse us to reassess our lives and the way we think and act. We are perfect beings who have forgotten our divine nature. Our true self wants to awaken to the divine presence within. With guidance, we can teach ourselves to listen to the voice of our heart, in order really to know and experience truth.
Stephen leads us to a deeper understanding of our connection with God and the purpose of our lives on earth. The knowledge he shares is based on profound life experience and a singular understanding of God and universal laws.