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ENT Made Easy

ISBN: 9781911510055
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Diseases of the ears, nose and throat are amongst the most common presentations in primary care, and many patients are referred to ENT clinics in secondary care for further medical and surgical management. To help reduce these referrals this book guides readers through the basic anatomy and pathophysiology and then, for each presentation, provides: * an introduction which describes possible causes and the history required * a section on diagnosis, including which examinations and investigations to consider * management options, complications to look out for, and when to refer. This book offers practical guidance and so helps to fill the gap between ENT theory and the actual work experience. In addition to covering the common presentations, from allergic rhinitis to vertigo, via dysphagia and halitosis, the book also provides a description of the main investigations and covers the particular problems occurring in paediatric cases. This is the ideal clinical text for GPs, ENT trainees, medical students and nurse practitioners looking to manage common ENT conditions.