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Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

ISBN: 9781908625854
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Promoting Health and Wellbeing is an introductory textbook for nursing and healthcare students seeking to understand how to promote health and prevent ill health.
Through clear explanations, case studies and activities, the book will help you to understand the principles of health promotion and how to apply them in your practice. You will learn:
• Theoretical perspectives of health promotion, health education and public health
• How to identify and apply models to support behaviour change and overcome barriers to change
• How health inequalities and social determinants of health affect public health practice
• How to enable, mediate and advocate in promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing
• How to understand and implement evidence-based health promotion in practice
This book will help you to develop the underpinning knowledge and skills you require to carry out your role in promoting health and wellbeing.

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