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The Care Process

ISBN: 9781908625632
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An accessible introductory textbook that covers the four stages of the care process. The Care Process is an accessible textbook for nursing, health and social care students that covers the fundamental principles and practice of the care process. Using clear explanations, scenarios, activities, and an overarching case study that runs through every chapter, the book will help you to understand the four stages of the care process – Assessment, Planning, Implementation, and Review and Evaluation. You will learn: How communication underpins all stages of the care process and how to develop your own communication skills. How to use decision-making models and tools in the care process. How, why and when to use different tools and approaches in assessing service users’ needs. How to apply the principles of care planning to your practice. How to ensure that the care you provide is person-centred and holistic. How to evaluate care interventions and how review and evaluation can assure the quality of care. An Appendix provides a detailed mapping of the new NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses against each chapter. This concise and practical book will help you to understand the care process and to incorporate the skills and techniques you have learnt into your own care practice.