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Values and Ethics for Care Practice

Values and Ethics for Care Practice

ISBN: 9781908625304
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Values and Ethics for Care Practice introduces readers to values and ethics and their importance in patient-centred care. Values and ethics are integral to the provision, practice and delivery of patient-centred health and social care. This book, which is an expanded and updated version of Values for Care Practice, introduces readers to these concepts and helps them understand how they can apply them to become compassionate care professionals. The patient perspective and patient voice are seen and heard throughout the book. Readers are encouraged to reflect on their personal values and on those underpinning health and social care work and to understand how values and ethics are articulated in the latest Codes of Practice. The text uses activities and case studies to enable readers to apply theory in their practice. This book will help readers to understand why good caring is more than merely a practical intervention; it also requires a personal investment and quality of character that involves genuine concern and respect for others.

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