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Histological and Histochemical Methods, fifth edition

Histological and Histochemical Methods, fifth edition

ISBN: 9781907904325
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From reviews: "Histological and Histochemical Methods is a tour de force wholly suited to the modern age of histology and Professor Kiernan has triumphed again. To cover so much ground clearly and concisely while including the justification of the underlying chemistry makes this book unique. There should not be a histology laboratory or an undergraduate library that does not own a copy." Biotechnic & Histochemistry 2016, 91(2): 145. "This book should be present on the bookshelves of every research or analysis laboratory where histology and histochemistry are routinely used, as an essential reference source of basic and practical information for scientists and technicians." European Journal of Histochemistry 2016, vol. 60. This fifth edition of Histological and Histochemical Methods continues to provide a clear and consistent introduction to the techniques, description and analysis of the chemical and physical principles of fixation, tissue processing, staining, enzyme location, immunohistochemistry and other key procedures. The overall structure of the book remains unchanged, but the content has been heavily revised to update the techniques used in line with recent technological advances. Additionally, there are new sections on: Artefacts and troubleshooting Methods for microorganisms and fungi in sections Methods for various pigments and mineral deposits in tissues Methods for skeletal elements (bone, cartilage) in whole-mounts Histological and Histochemical Methods 5e is essential reading for students, lecturers, researchers and professionals using histological and histochemical techniques.

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