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Gold and the Philosopher's Stone:

Gold and the Philosopher's Stone:

Treating Chronic Physical and Mental Illness with Mineral Remedies

ISBN: 9781902636313
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Presenting far-reaching new therapeutic research, Peter Grunewald examines the underlying spiritual aspects of constitutional treatment using medicines taken from the mineral kingdom. This constitutional approach, used in the treatment of chronic physical, neurological, developmental, emotional, behavioural and mental conditions and illnesses, centres on a system of nine minerals. Grunewald traces these nine substances on their paths through the human organism, and demonstrates their indications, effects and interactions. He also develops a spiritual and alchemistic understanding of the working of these substances, based on anthroposophical medical research.
Gold, the sun metal, and carbon, the substance of organic life on earth, occupy a central position in this study of the mineral system. The Philosopher's Stone is achieved through the 'transformation of carbon' and the 'creation of gold'. The author shows how the important medicine Aurum (made from gold) relates to this process. He suggests that a mineral therapy centred on the principle of transformation conceals future spiritual mysteries which relate to evolutionary laws inherent in the physical and higher bodies.


By: Peter Grunewald

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Pages: 144

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