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Future of Humanity and the Earth:

ISBN: 9781902636290
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Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian-born philosopher and spiritual scientist, systematically cultivated methods of spiritual vision and research, which enabled him to investigate the course of human evolution. Steiner described how the thoughts and deeds of the hierarchies of spiritual beings are discernible in the dimensions of soul and spirit. Under certain conditions, it is possible for an initiate who has developed special capacities, to grasp what these beings are actively preparing for the future. This was achieved especially by St John in his Book of Revelation, and likewise by Rudolf Steiner throughout his many years of spiritual research and teaching.Richard Seddon has drawn together the essence of hundreds of lectures to create this broad overview of humanity's and the world's future. His fascinating survey takes us from the present time through the sixth and seventh Ages, the future Epochs, and the Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan stages of our planet. He also discusses the respiritualisation both of the layers within the earth and of the whole solar system, which were not mentioned by Steiner but throw considerable light on events in the Apocalypse and on the eventual transforming of evil to good. At the core of this process lies the gradual unfolding of further forces of Christ, upon which depends the future both of individuals and of the whole of world evolution