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Asperger Syndrome, The Universe and Everything

ISBN: 9781853029301
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To say that this book was simple or child-like would be an insult. Kenneth Hall writes with an innocence, sincerity and insight that perhaps only a child could. This book is essential reading for other young people with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and those living and working with them. Kenneth describes with great honesty the difficulties he has as a result of his AS, including those at school. Yet, he remains positive about his condition and sees it as a gift. Kenneth is able to explain clearly the many emotions he feels: depression, frustration, joy and appreciation. He is also able to explain why he feels them, perhaps making the reader review their own understanding of AS. Other topics that Kenneth covers are: living without a diagnosis, experiences of home tutoring, women and fashion, the importance of 'jammie days', his passion for reading, applied behaviour analysis (ABA), sensory issues and life as a 'pringlearian'. Kenneth Hall is a boy who obviously greatly values his life and he clearly has much to offer to other, whether or not they are involved with AS.