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Trekking in The Alps

ISBN: 9781852846008
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An inspirational guide to the delights of Alpine
trekking. With 20 treks described, including classics
such as the Tour of Mont Blanc and the Tour of the
Vanoise as well as new multi-day routes like the Traverse
of the Slovenian Alps, this guide celebrates the rich
scenic diversity for which the Alps are renowned. The
eight talented contributing writers and photographers
have explored every corner of Europe's celebrated
mountain range, written dozens of guides to it and, in
some cases, led trekking holidays in the Alps to share
their passionate enthusiasm with other walkers. Covering
a wide range of difficulty, the treks are intended for
the summer months. With striking colour photography and
clear overview maps throughout, Trekking in the Alps is
sure to fulfil its intention: to inspire those who wish
to join in celebration of a magnificent natural wonder.