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Mountain Walking in Southern Catalunya

ISBN: 9781852845827
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This first English-language guide describes the best
mountain and coastal walking near Tortosa, Southern
Catalunya, Spain, in the Parc Natural dels Ports, on the
Cardo and Montsia massifs and along the coast, all easily
accessible from Barcelona, Valencia and Reus. 30 idyllic
winter walking routes for walkers of all experience and
abilities are included through this area of remarkable
natural beauty and diversity. The immense limestone
crags, ridges and pinnacles of the Parc Natural dels
Ports overlook the broad orange and olive groves beside
the River Ebro, giving a high drama to the landscape.
Closer the to the Mediterranean, there is good walking on
the massifs of Cardo and Montsia and a long-distance
footpath along the coast. Mysteriously, the region is
practically unknown outside the region. The wild
limestone landscapes, from herb-covered hillsides to high
pine forest, dotted with Templar castles and picturesque
hill villages, remain untouched by mass tourism.