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Dementia, Culture and Ethnicity: Issues for All

ISBN: 9781849054867
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With contributions from experienced dementia researchers and care professionals, this book examines the impact of cultural and ethnic factors on the experience of dementia, both in general terms and in relation to specific ethnic minority communities. Drawing together evidence-based research and expert practitioners' experiences, this book highlights the ways that dementia care services will need to develop in order to ensure that provision is culturally appropriate for an increasingly diverse older population. The book examines cultural issues in terms of assessment and engagement with people with dementia, challenges for care homes, and issues for supporting families from diverse ethnic backgrounds in relation to planning end of life care and bereavement. First-hand accounts of living with dementia from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds give unique perspectives into different attitudes to dementia and dementia care. The contributors also examine recent UK policy and strategy on dementia care and the implications for working with culture and ethnicity. This comprehensive and timely book is essential reading for dementia practitioners, researchers and policy makers.