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Structure of Personality

ISBN: 9781845906757
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Personality is not a 'thing', it is a process. When we discuss personality, what we are talking about is a system of responding and relating or, more precisely, a set of behaviours. This is good news for those who deal with, or suffer with, personality problems. What it means is that personality can be reordered and reprogrammed in a way that is both beneficial and liberating.The Personality Process begins by exploring how we actively ''pattern'' experience. Guiding us through the cognitive system of internal representation, it examines the contexts and environments in which such patterning arises, and the higher levels at which we produce beliefs and values that determine our behaviours. Once it has identified the process of producing a personality, it presents strategies that will alter those behaviours and reprogramme personality, targeting each stage of personality production – and in particular, the stage at which the client determines core beliefs.Coaching the reader in a number of effective and especially adapted NLP techniques, The Personality Process includes reordering strategies such as The R.E.S.O.L.V.E. model, that ingeniously sequences a number of key tasks that form an important part of change work, and the Personal Strengths Model, that determines which NLP techniques will be useful for yourself or for a client. Addressing general behaviour problems and specific personality disorders such as schizophrenia, paranoia and addiction, it is an essential reference for counsellors, therapists and NLP practitioners, presenting effective solutions to personality disorders.