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Mother Apart

ISBN: 9781845900946
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A Mother Apart has been written to relieve the isolation of the many women separated from their child who say, 'I thought I was the only one'. Moving beyond the stereotype of mothers who leave, A Mother Apart provides insight and practical support for women struggling with their feelings as they adjust and come to terms with living life apart from their child.However you came to live apart and whether you're a mother who has regular contact, very little contact or no contact at all with your child - this book provides insight and understanding approaches to help you manage complex situations and strong emotions, including how to: understand and free yourself from excessive guilt and other difficult feelings; grieve your loss and move on with an open heart; learn the art of big hearted mothering - deep love from afar, over time; find positive ways to integrate your life as a mother apart and independent woman; review and develop your relationship with your child; develop amicable relationships with your child's father, father's new partner and other family members; make decisions about your future, including having new relationships and other children, with confidence; and, fully appreciate how the capacity to love deeply from afar makes you one of the most extraordinary mothers in the world. The number of mothers living apart from their children continues to rise. Women leave their children, lose custody, lose touch, choose part-time motherhood or find themselves with no contact at all, for a whole range of reasons. ''A Mother Apart: How to Let Go of Guilt and Find Happiness Living Apart from Your Child'' moves beyond the stigmatism linked to mothers who leave their children and offers understanding and practical support to help mothers come to terms with their emotions, as they adjust and come to terms to life apart from their child.The book's primary audience is: mothers who consciously chose to leave their children and mothers who find themselves separated due to circumstances out of their control i.e. Losing custody, children taken into care, mental illness or abduction. The secondary audience is: new partners, relatives and friends with an interest in understanding and supporting the primary audience and counsellors working with woman apart from their children and services that support woman going through divorce and separation. ''This was a very moving book, well organised and useful.Every chapter has a theme, and it can be read in sections, with examples of individual situations. The overwhelming impression of positive energy and making the best of a bad situation, coping with grief, change and loss. If the word “parent or father had been substituted for the word ''mother'', it would describe perfectly the experience of most FNF members and their families.''Andrew CaseyFNF Office (Families Need Fathers)Winner of the Mom's Choice 2009 Silver Award for Women's Issues, 2009.