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Business Coaching Handbook

ISBN: 9781845900601

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From the author of the best selling Life Coaching HandbookThe Business Coaching Handbook reveals what business coaching IS, how to assess the shape of your business and what steps you need to put in place to grow a successful business.This book has been complied for business entrepreneurs who have recently achieved the first goal of getting the enterprise up and running or, have been operating their own professional practice or business for a few years and now want to take it to the next level.Set in the same user-friendly format as The Life Coaching Handbook, this book guides the reader through a step-by-step process to coaching. It is all about knowing where you are, where you are going and the actions that you will take to get there.''If you are considering starting your own business or if you are already running your own small business, then you must get this book.Curly has a wonderful way of getting straight to the point without waffling through masses of jargon or techno-speak. Each chapter begins with a real-life case stuffy to make the reader really get the message and understand the pitfalls of business. The rest of the chapter then explains clearly how to do what you need to do to make your business a success, together with practical tips and exercises to help you apply the ideas and suggestions in your real life situation.This is an invaluable resource for the would-be entrepreneur and is crammed full of inspiration and information that you can, and will, refer back to time and again.If you are serious about making a go of your business then make a bee-line for this book. You will be very glad that you did.''Terri Bodell FNACHP