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Group Filial Therapy: Training Parents to Conduct Special Play Sessions

ISBN: 9781843109112
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In Group Filial Therapy, therapists train parents to undertake play sessions with their own children until these skills become an integral part of family life. Based on Non-directive Play Therapy principles, this evidence-based approach is a highly effective method for working therapeutically with children and families in crisis.This professional manual provides an accessible introduction to the theory and practice of the Group Filial Therapy approach, and for the first time offers step-by-step instructions for designing and implementing filial therapy group programmes with families. The authors address important practical considerations, such as how to determine the composition of groups and the duration of programmes, how to conduct intake interviews and assessments, as well as the personal qualities and skills needed to be an effective Filial Therapy group leader. Comprehensive guidelines for implementing the 20 week model of Group Filial Therapy practiced by Dr Guerney are included, and the book closes with examples from clinical practice, including useful insights into the ways in which the programme may be adapted to meet the needs of particular groups.This definitive guide to the Group Filial Therapy approach is essential reading for all those working therapeutically with children and their families, including play and family therapists, mental health practitioners, social workers, parenting experts and foster and adoptive carers.