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No More Stinking Thinking

ISBN: 9781843108399
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How can children combat negative thinking in a fun and constructive way? By applying to be a wizard of positive thinking, of course!Joann Altiero's No More Stinking Thinking is an easy to use workbook that provides thoughtful and simple methods for parents, teachers, and therapists to teach children to think healthily and confidently. Children will be drawn into a magical world in which they learn magic powers of positive thinking in order to defeat the evil Lord Stinker. Chapters focus on specific skills and teaching methods for addressing such topics as jumping to conclusions, looking at the big picture, critically examining the details of a situation, learning how to have more positive thoughts, and the dangers of “all or none thinking.Children need to develop the cognitive skills to deal with daily adversity, and No More Stinking Thinking, through its use of magical imagery and fun activities, will equip parents and other professionals with the tools to help them achieve this in imaginative and exciting ways.