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Art Therapy Exercises: Inspirational and Practical Ideas to Stimulate th

ISBN: 9781843106951

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This accessible book comprises a collection of 80 tried-and-tested exercises, with guidelines for applying them and advice for devising new ones. Liesl Silverstone offers a variety of exercises for a diverse and multicultural client base, such as guided fantasies, one-to-one and group work focusing on the group dynamic, and some examples of working with adults with learning difficulties and children.Focusing on the non-directive, non-interpretive person-centred approach to art therapy, this inspirational book is the perfect complement to Art Therapy - The Person-Centred Way.Art Therapy Exercises is an invaluable book for art therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists and all professionals working in the field of human development.'Liesl Silverstone's new book…is the outcome of a personal and professional life dedicated to the celebration of the imagination and to an unshakeable belief in the resilience of the human spirit …readers will find a veritable cornucopia of exercises which have the potential to open up new vistas and to inspire imaginative journeys of great richness… Simply to read them is itself a voyage of discovery but for many trainers and therapists they will constitute a repertoire on which they can draw as from an inexhaustible well.' - From the Foreword by Brian Thorne, Emeritus Professor of Counselling, University of East Anglia.