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Challenge Me! Mobility Activity Cards

ISBN: 9781843104971

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This set of beautifully illustrated full-colour cards, together with a detailed instruction booklet, will be a valuable tool for all professionals and parents facilitating the rehabilitation of children with neurological disorders and general developmental disabilities. The activities address the development of mobility and co-ordination skills, while also promoting independence and self-esteem, using a fun approach that will be motivating for children.The cards are grouped into nine categories: sitting, standing, walking, floor ladder, stair, jumping, rolling and 'extra' challenges, as well as free choice cards, and they progress in difficulty, allowing facilitators to gradually build on the child's abilities. The instruction booklet offers detailed information on each exercise, which will help facilitators to plan for and extend activities according to the child's skills. Information on the health benefits of these activities for children and practical guidance on how to use the materials creatively demonstrates how the activities can be made more flexible in order to meet the various needs of different children.The Challenge Me! cards will make mobility training enjoyable for both children and their facilitators, and are suitable for use by anyone working to improve children's mobility skills, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, teachers and teaching assistants, conductive education practitioners and parents.