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Constipation, Withholding and Your Child: A Family Guide to Soiling and

ISBN: 9781843104919
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This book is an accessible guide to dealing with the common problems of stool withholding, soiling and wetting in young children.Using friendly and informal language, Constipation, Withholding and Your Child examines the concerns that often lead to toileting problems including the arrival of siblings and difficulties at school, and outlines practical techniques and strategies to help children overcome them. The author explains the importance of diet and offers advice on how to make using the toilet less frightening, how to keep a stool diary chart and what laxatives and medications to use in different circumstances. He also offers guidance on how to tackle inappropriate lavatorial behaviour sensitively and issues particular to children with special needs. Stool withholding, soiling and wetting are explained from the point of view of the child, enabling the parent or carer to better understand the problem. Parents, teachers, carers and social workers will find this book a reassuring, informative and non-patronising guide to helping children overcome toileting problems.