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Who's Who of the Brain: A Guide to Its Inhabitants, Where They Live and

ISBN: 9781843104704

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Who's Who of the Brain is a reader-friendly introduction to the brain and how it works.It introduces the inhabitants of the brain: Frederick Foresight, the mayor, who is responsible for planning and objective decision-making (the frontal lobes); Rochelle Ringbound, Fredrick's partner, who is caring and has empathy for the people she works (the cingulate gyrus). Alongside descriptions of their fellow citizens, Frederick and Rochelle illustrate the functions and organization of the different 'personalities' of the brain in a way that is immediate and easy to understand.Each character description is followed by an explanation of the part of the brain it represents: its appearance, role, key functions and where it is located. Also included are explanations of what happens when things go wrong, short clinical case examples and boxed 'technical corners' for readers wanting more detailed explanations.This book provides an immediate and entertaining way for anyone to gain a basic understanding or to refresh their knowledge of the brain and how it works.