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Disability and Impairment: Working with Children and Families

ISBN: 9781843103967

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Disability and Impairment introduces professionals working with families to the everyday issues faced by disabled people of all ages in family life.Peter C Burke shows how social attitudes shape the world of the 'disabled family' either positively or negatively and the effects of stigma. He demonstrates the normality of disability - that children are children whatever their label - and the need for a sensitive professional understanding of the impact of both physical and learning disabilities on family members, in order to improve their quality of life.This book covers the spectrum of disability issues, and offers information and advice for professionals working with families and disability, explaining the value of family support, how to validate the feelings of siblings with disabled brothers and sisters, tackling social exclusion and understanding the role of lifelong professional help.Case studies, activity exercises and chapter summaries make this an accessible reference for social work students and practitioners.