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Enchancing Self-Esteem: A Self-Esteem Training Package for Individuals w

ISBN: 9781843103530

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Maintaining healthy levels of self-esteem is key to leading a positive and fulfilled life, but for many people with a disability it can be difficult when faced with the additional challenges they encounter. Negative messages, low expectations, reduced opportunities and discrimination are all facts of life for a large number of people, and these factors can have a serious impact on the development of self-esteem.Enhancing Self-Esteem is unique in being tailored specifically to meet the needs of adults with disabilities. It is a comprehensive resource that provides relevant, cognitively-suitable and age-appropriate information and exercises to aid trainers working with adults with physical and multiple disabilities, and is suitable for people with mild intellectual disability and severe communication impairment.The material is designed to be used in 10 two-hour sessions that explore skills that will help to develop and maintain self-esteem. Each session is fully scripted, with comprehensive instructions for the trainer and useful photocopiable hand-outs. Enhancing Self-Esteem is an essential resource that will be valued by any trainer working with disabled people.