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Trauma, Attachment and Family Permanence: Fear Can Stop You Loving

ISBN: 9781843100218
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Exploring the complex issues of trauma, attachment and family placement, the contributors to this book provide a variety of complementary perspectives on practice in this area. Focussing on how to integrate attachment theory and developmental psychology in practice with adopted or fostered children, they emphasise the need for understanding of early trauma and its effect on child development.Examining multiple aspects of work with children who are unable to live with their birth families, the book includes contributions on:new approaches to matching children with families effective management of contact with birth families the neurobiological effects of trauma on children problems and developmental challenges in school the use of creative arts therapies with children and families. The book adopts an inclusive approach, valuing the parent as a central member of the therapeutic team. Contributions from user families illustrate the challenges of bringing up fostered or adopted children and show how the attachment-based approach has worked for them.Bringing together a rich and innovative selection of ideas for adoption and fostering practice, this book will be a valuable resource for all involved with family support in this area.