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Effective Business Writing in Easy Steps

ISBN: 9781840785715
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When problems arise within any organization, they can often be traced back to a breakdown in communication. Often the most effective way to communicate is in writing. Clear and succinct writing is an essential business skill - and one which no organization, big or small, private or public, can afford to neglect. "Effective Business Writing in Easy Steps" will enable the reader to quickly master this skill. "Effective Business Writing in Easy Steps" is the ideal guide for anyone who needs guidance with writing in the workplace. Its clear, concise, easy-to-read style means that readers will soon master the fundamental skills to communicate effectively in business. It covers the basic tools such as plain English, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar, to preparing and checking your presentation, then how to put it into practice when writing documents such as letters, emails, notes, reports and speeches and many more.<br>