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Effective Project Management in Easy Steps

ISBN: 9781840784466
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Effective Project Management in easy steps will show you
how to make sure your project is successful. It focuses
on the key skills a manager needs to develop for a smooth
running project, and a timely arrival at the finishing
It includes examples for most key documents such as the
terms of reference, business case and project plan. It
addresses team building and good communications. It
covers the typical project stages with helpful lists of
applicable tasks and deliverables, which effectively
provides a blueprint for planning an entire project.
This up-to-date primer covers all key trends in project
management including a chapter on Agile Project
If you're a first time project manager, let this book
take you through the essential project stages in easy
steps, and take note of the applicable tasks and
If you're an experienced project manager, this book
provides a valuable source of inspiration for making
projects run smoothly and satifactorily. Covering risk-
management together with insights on how to plan, lead,
organize and control a project - simply a fountain of