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Parenting Patchwork Treasure Deck: A Creative Tool for Assessments, Inte

Parenting Patchwork Treasure Deck: A Creative Tool for Assessments, Inte

rventions, and Strengthening Relationships with Parents, Carers, and Children

ISBN: 9781787753082
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This versatile deck features 100 colourful cards and a detailed instruction manual. Developed by Dr. Karen Treisman for professionals working with parents, carers and families, it is a proven, easy to use tool to help explore relationships and aid assessments and interventions.

The deck is designed to be comprehensive and adaptable, covering child-parent/carer relationships; parenting experiences; parenting capacity; trauma; and childhood development. It is divided into three sections. The first explores childrens needs and parenting skills. The second offers sample questions to help adults to learn about child development and the impact of trauma. The third provides questions to ask during psychoeducation, interventions and assessments. A valuable tool which covers the breadth of the Parenting Patchwork, this deck will provide opportunities.


Professionals in child protection, court proceedings, child development, fostering and adoption contexts. Also social workers, parenting assessors, trauma and attachment

trainers, child and family therapists, and psychologists.


By: Dr. Karen Treisman,Richy K. Chandler

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Format: CARDS

Pages: 100

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