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Timely Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia Care: Evidence-Based Pract

ISBN: 9781787753020

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This new edited volume seeks to meet the growing need for ways to support people with dementia across the whole course and trajectory of dementia care, with a wide scope of
The book addresses how practitioners and carers can apply psychosocial interventions - which take into consideration the individual, social and environmental aspects of a person's life - across this trajectory, right from the earliest stages through to practice in care home settings.
Divided into four sections, each covers a different context in which people with dementia can be supported: at home; in community settings; family and carer support; and those in
care homes and hospitals. In addition, there is a distinct focus throughout on evidencebased practice and its implementation in real-world settings. This book is essential reading for any practitioner and caregiver wanting to support people with dementia.
Professionals and carers working with people with dementia, as well as their families, in home, community, family carer, care home and hospital contexts.