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Autism and the Police: Practical Advice for Officers and Other First Res

Autism and the Police: Practical Advice for Officers and Other First Res


ISBN: 9781787752849
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This is a practical guide for police officers and other first responders written by an autistic ex-policeman, designed to demystify autistic behaviours and improve the treatment of autistic offenders. Police officers and other emergency services are the first to arrive at the scene of an incident and it is vital they can recognise autistic behaviours and respond accordingly to avoid escalation.
This book lays out how to identify whether someone could be autistic and how officers can interact with them effectively and sensitively. Based on the author's many years of experience as a police officer it covers common scenarios such as stop and search, restraint and transportation, interviews and detention. For each potential encounter the book provides strategies, examples and tips to assist police in interacting safely and fairly with autistic people. In addition to police interactions, the book explains how to best respond to and assist autistic people through the Criminal Justice System and beyond.


By: Andrew Buchan

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Pages: 208

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