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Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide

Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide

How to Grow Up Awesome and Autistic

ISBN: 9781787751835
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"Never be ashamed of being different: it is this difference that makes you extraordinary and unique."

This essential go-to guide gives you all the advice and tools youll need to help you flourish and achieve what you want in life. From the answers to everyday questions such as Am I using appropriate body language? and Did I say the wrong thing?, through to discussing the importance of understanding your emotions, looking after your physical and mental health and coping with anxiety and sensory overloads, award-winning neurodiversity campaigner Siena Castellon uses her own experiences to provide you with the skills to overcome any challenge.

With practical tips on friendships, dating, body image, consent and appearance, as well as how to survive school and bullying, The Spectrum Girls Survival Guide gives you the power to embrace who you are, reminding you that even during the toughest of teen moments, you are never alone.


By: Siena Castellon

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Pages: 256

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