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Building Confidence, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence in Young Chil

ISBN: 9781787751606

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This book will help all early years professionals to build young childrens self-belief and resilience, through three innovative approaches: Growth Mindset, Forest School and Multiple Intelligences. Practical activities for using the approaches in everyday practice are included, as well as reflective questions, quick tips and case studies.

Confidence, emotional intelligence and resilience are vital to childrens mental wellbeing, and this book gives early years practitioners all the tools they need to promote these skills in young children.

The book explores how three approaches - Growth Mindset, Forest School and Multiple Intelligences - can be key to building these skills. Growth Mindset focuses on talents being strengthened through hard work and determination; Forest School uses the physical natural world to enhance learning and development; and Multiple Intelligences focuses on equally valuing the many different kinds of intelligences there are. Each chapter includes activities and ideas to show how the different approaches can be used in everyday practice. Also included are reflective questions, quick tips and case studies.

This book will inspire and empower readers to reflect on themselves, their practice, and how they can support each child as an individual to give them the best start in life.