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Taiji As Moving Meditation: Fundamental Principles and Practices

ISBN: 9781787750432
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A clear introduction to Taiji, a slow and rhythmical martial art, this visual guide shows how it can be used as a 'moving meditation' that bestows strength, vigour and longevity.
The book focuses on helping people apply the principles of the Taiji practice by offering a short introduction to its history and philosophy, as well as a primer on its general practices as established by the International Wushu Federation. Divided into five chapters, it includes an easy-to-learn warm-up, stances, hand techniques, steps, breathing, basic moves and the four Forms that are usually learned to receive a black belt in the art.
With a growing focus on alternative ways of improving general health and well-being, Taiji as Moving Meditation is the perfect guide for those wanting to enhance focus and peace of mind.
Market: Beginners and those interested in taking up Taiji, Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists wanting to develop their own practice, the general reader curious about
martial arts, Qi Gong practitioners, students of Taiji