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Neurodiverse Relationships:

Neurodiverse Relationships:

Autistic and Neurotypical Partners Share Their Experiences

ISBN: 9781787750289
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Comprised of the accounts of twelve heterosexual couples in which the man is on the Autism Spectrum, this book invites both partners to discuss their own perspectives of different key issues, including anxiety, empathy, employment and socialising. Autism expert Tony Atwood contributes a commentary and a question and answer section for each of the twelve accounts.
The first book of its kind to provide perspectives from both sides of a relationship on a variety of different topics, Neurodiverse Relationships is the perfect companion for
couples in neurodiverse relationships who are trying to understand one another better.
Market: Individuals living with an AS partner, the autistic partner, marriage/relationship counsellors, clinical psychologists, other mental health professionals.


By: Joanna Pike,Tony Attwood

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Pages: 216

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