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Contemporary French Aromatherapy: A Pharmacological and Therapeutic Guid

ISBN: 9781787750265
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This manual from the French school of aromatherapy is a comprehensive guide to 100 essential oils offering practical and rigorous information for integrative and complementary health practitioners. Everything you need to know in terms of botany,
quality criteria, biochemistry and toxicity is explained, alongside guidance on therapeutic application to improve health and wellbeing. Due to their diverse and varied properties, essential oils can be used across many different complementary health modalities. Whilst recognizing the complexity and the
importance of the molecular structure of plant essences, this guide incorporates information about energetic approaches and the role of olfaction in supporting therapeutic practices.
This first English translation of Dominique Baudoux's work provides the reader with a wealth of knowledge, research and guidance on application, including a large number of validated formulas for treatment.