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Going Deaf For A Living

ISBN: 9781787601277
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Going Deaf for a Living is Steve Lamacqs candid reflection of several decades spent on the frontline of the alternative music scene. As a writer at the NME and co-host of The Evening Session, Steve naturally attended hundreds of gigs and collected a lifetimes supply of musical encounters. From witnessing Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers cutting `4Real into his arm to the infamous Oasis interview that sparked national outrage, Going Deaf for a Living provides the first-hand account of some of British musics most memorable moments. But this isnt just a book about working in the music industry: at its heart, this is a tale about being a music fan - what drives us, infuriates us and fascinates us about the artists we put so much faith in. Covering the periods of grunge, Britpop and the arrival of indie, this acclaimed memoir - updated for the first time - is a thrilling journey through the last great hurrah of the analogue music industry.