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Social Geographies

Social Geographies

An Introduction

ISBN: 9781786612304
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Marking the renaissance of social geographies in recent years, this major textbook showcases the breadth of conceptual and empirical approaches that scholars now utilize to understand contemporary social issues through a spatial lens.

The book is collectively authored by one of the largest groups of social geographers in the world. It develops a vision of social geographies that is rooted in the commitments that have characterised the sub-discipline for at least half a decade (e.g. society-space relations, justice, equality), while incorporating new approaches, theories and concerns (e.g. emotions, performance, and the more-than-human). Embracing the increasing porosity of our work with neighbouring economic, cultural, political and environmental geographies, the book provides a round-up of the state of the sub-discipline, capturing recent directions and charting new questions and challenges for theory, research and practice. It makes sense of the bewildering variety of contemporary social geographical interests, from longstanding topics (e.g. race, class and gender) to more recent interests (e.g. sustainability, digital worlds and social change).

Above all, it makes clear the relevance and contributions of social geographies not only to understanding a wide range of global and local issues, but to social change alongside communities, policy-makers and social movements.

  • Each chapter offers an introduction to current work in social geographies, providing an overview and in-depth examples. The book has these key features that make it an essential resource for any social geography course:

  • An accessible and engaging style that is ideal for entry level students

  • Definitions of key terms and carefully explained concepts and ideas

  • A range of exciting contemporary examples from a wide variety of geographical settings, including those drawn from the authors’ recent research

  • Cross-referencing between chapters to help students expand learning

  • Illustration with photos, tables, diagrams and other material

  • Suggestions for further reading in each chapter

  • “Real world research” and “real world theory” textboxes providing examples of research projects and theoretical perspectives, bringing topics alive and exploring challenges on the ground


By: The Newcastle Social Geographies Collective

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Pages: 440

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