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Keith Among the Pigeons

Keith Among the Pigeons

ISBN: 9781786283443
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Keith is a cat, but he’d rather be a pigeon. He campaigns for their rights and writes ‘hi-coos’ about them but they won’t let him get too close. Will Keith ever make friends with the pigeons and learn how it feels to be one? Will he ever find out who he really is and feel comfortable just being Keith? A timely book about being true to yourself when you can’t find a label that quite fits how you feel. The book can be used on many levels, but it is a particularly good way to help children to understand gender identity and encourage them to stay open-minded. It can be used to stimulate discussions about the way others perceive us compared to how we perceive ourselves and why we should treat everyone with respect.


By: Katie Brosnan,Katie Brosnan

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Pages: 32

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