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Whole School Character and Virtue Education: A Pioneering Approach

Whole School Character and Virtue Education: A Pioneering Approach

Helping All Children to Flourish

ISBN: 9781785928758
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Using the successful implementation achieved at Yeading Junior School, this book provides strategies and advice about how to widely implement character education in schools. This helpful guide answers the following questions schools and teachers have when considering how to develop character education: * What character virtues are important in primary education?* How can these be cultivated within the formal and informal curricula?* How do we know if strategies are working and successful?* What constitutes evidence of best practice?With contributions from professional practitioners ranging from building partnerships in the community, intergenerational learning, using character virtues in work with vulnerable children and children with SEND, financial literacy and the diverse religious context of primary education, the book explores the opportunities for developing character virtues and virtue literacy with the purpose of supporting pupils to flourish in society. With the help of this book, schools can create an environment and ethos where learners are not only successful but can make a real difference to the world.


By: Paula Nadine Zwozdiak-Myers,David Aldridge,Carole Jones,David Moran,Amanda Wyatt,Edith Iwobi,Angela Flux,Jean-Michel Ballay,Elenor Paul

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Pages: 192

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