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Teen Substance Use, Mental Health and Body Image: Practical Strategies f

Teen Substance Use, Mental Health and Body Image: Practical Strategies f

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ISBN: 9781785928673
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This practical resource for schools looks at the relationship between mental illness and substance use disorders in young people. While studies show the link between the two, drug use is often mistakenly viewed as 'deviant' behaviour rather than as a coping mechanism for unmet needs. This book offers schools and youth settings a different approach to both supporting young people with mental health and substance use issues and implementing preventative measures. The concept of risk taking in young people is explored, with particular reference to risk taking behaviours as coping mechanisms for mental distress. Other topics covered include how stress, low self-esteem and body image issues can lend to substance use, including performance enhancing drugs and high caffeine drinks. Examples of how to address these issues through PSHE will be addressed in each chapter, as well as tips for supporting individual pupils from expert practitioners and researchers in this field.
Market: Secondary schools and youth settings, early help services, youth offending teams and sport coaches.


By: Ian Macdonald

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Pages: 144

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