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Overcoming Everyday Racism: Building Resilience and Wellbeing in the Fac

ISBN: 9781785928505

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This enlightening and reflective guide studies the psychological impact of racism anddiscrimination on BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) people and offers steps toimprove wellbeing. It includes definitions of race, racism and other commonly used terms,such as microaggressions, and evaluates the effect of definitions used to describe BAMEpeople.Each chapter of the book focusses on one category of wellbeing - self-acceptance,personal growth, purpose in life, positive relations with others, environmental mastery,autonomy - and includes case examples, spaces for reflection and practical, creativeexercises. For use as a tool within counselling and therapeutic settings as well as a selfhelptool by individuals, each category provides a framework for thinking about how tomanage everyday racism, live with more resilience, and thrive.