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Recovery Mama Guide to Your Eating Disorder Recovery in Pregnancy and Po

ISBN: 9781785928291
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The upheaval of pregnancy and new motherhood can often trigger a relapse for womenrecovering from eating disorders, or contribute to their development. This book supportspregnant women and new mothers struggling with changing body image, eating disorders,postpartum depression or perinatal anxiety.Many of the emotional challenges of recovering from an eating disorder - isolation,perfectionism and identity issues - are compounded during pregnancy or earlymotherhood, when women also have to tackle hormone fluctuations, food cravings andperceived pressures to lose baby weight.The author combines friendly, non-judgmental advice and professional expertise withcandid personal experience. She offers recovery tools, support strategies and realisticadvice on how to make time for self-care while navigating the chaos of sleep deprivationand feeding schedules. Most importantly, this book will help women let go of social andself-imposed pressures, and embrace being good enough during the massive learningcurve of new motherhood.