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Supporting Gender Diversity in Early Childhood Classrooms: A Practical G

Supporting Gender Diversity in Early Childhood Classrooms: A Practical G


ISBN: 9781785928192
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By offering practical steps for adults who work with young children to build inclusive andintentional spaces where all children receive positive messages about their unique genderselves, this book increases awareness about gender diversity in learning environmentssuch as child care centres, family child care homes and preschools.The book is based on some of the most progressive, modern understandings of genderand intersectionality, as well as research on child development, gender health, traumainformed practices and the science of adult learning. By including the voices and livedexperiences of gender-expansive children, transgender adults, early childhood educatorsand parents and family members of trans and gender-expansive children, itcontextualizes what it means to rethink early learning programs with a commitment togender justice and gender equality for all children.


By: Julie Nicholson,Julia Hennock,Jonathan Julian,Cyndi Maurer,Nathanael Flynn,Encian Pastel,Katie Steele,Tess Unger

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Pages: 232

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