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Teaching Social Skills Through Sketch Comedy and Improv Games: A Social

Teaching Social Skills Through Sketch Comedy and Improv Games: A Social

Theatre® Approach for Kids and Teens including those with ASD, ADHD, and Anxiety

ISBN: 9781785928000
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Introducing a Social Theatre®, this book provides guidance on how to deliver fun and transformative activities to develop social skills in teenagers and children.
Drawing on ideas from Social Thinking®, CBT, mindfulness and assertiveness training this book develops games, skits and short plays which can be adapted to suit children and teenagers including those who are gifted, typical, and those with mild to moderate cognitive abilities. These activities will help participants become more assertive and flexible as well as improving confidence, focus and self-esteem.
Social Theatre® can be used in small groups, in class or throughout the school, as well as in group therapy sessions. It provides a new and inclusive way to teach social skills and collaborative learning and is especially useful for those with anxiety, ADHD and ASD.
Market: School counselors, school social workers and school psychologists. Educators and therapists that work with people who face social skills challenges. Drama therapists.


By: Shawn Amador

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Pages: 144

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