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Shattered by Grief: Picking up the pieces to become WHOLE again

ISBN: 9781785927775
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This is a practical guide to help readers work through their grief via expressive therapies and activities, based on the techniques Claudia Coenen honed as a professional counselor after the unexpected loss of her husband.
This book provides clear methods to process grief, experience its pain and learn how to live fully again. Readers are encouraged to completely engage with their grief through storytelling, self-care and ritual, and honest reflection. The book navigates the reader through the healing process while allowing them the freedom to explore their pain in a way that best fits their unique situation. Eschewing the idea of a 'quick-fix' to grief, it suggests ways in which tragedy and loss can be a springboard for rejuvenation and transformation.
Can be used alongside Claudia Coenen's counseling tool, The Karuna Cards, 9781785927805 (2017).
Market: People of all ages who need help to cope with grief and difficult life transitions, as well as grief counselors