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How Little Coyote Found his Secret Strength: A Story About How to Get Th

ISBN: 9781785927713

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In a deep dark forest, Little Coyote grows up with tough gang of big strong coyotes. They are cruel, call him names and order him about all day long.
Little Coyote is too small to run away or to stand up for himself, so he learns to do what he's told and makes his body small so nobody notices him. Then, one day he goes on an adventure and ends up discovering new hidden strengths that he never knew he had.
This therapeutic picture book is written to help children aged 4-10 and adults to talk about difficult experiences growing up, and explores how they can affect how your body feels and reacts to things. It is followed by easy to read advice for adults on how to help your child.
Market: Primary school teachers, therapists, school counsellors, child psychiatrists, child psychologists, child psychotherapists, social workers, parents, guardians.